Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is defined as any pregnancy between 6 and 14 weeks

This can be a stressful time, in particular if a woman has had a history of miscarriage/bleeding/sickness in the past.

Even though no test can predict into the future, an early pregnancy ultrasound can serve to reassure a woman that the pregnancy is progressing as expected, confirming the correct location of the pregnancy and establishing whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy.

Those women who are experiencing severe pain or heavy bleeding will very likely have a blood test taken and referred to the next available EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) clinic, or ED (Emergency Department).

NIPT Testing

Non-invasive pre-natal testing is a revolutionary means of detecting anomalies in the pregnancy as early as 10 weeks. It is a test recognised by the IMFF (Irish Maternal Foetal Foundation), and involves a scan to confirm the pregnancy is at least 10 weeks and a blood test (which detects free cell foetal DNA in mother’s blood). Results usually return within 2 weeks. Dr O’Hara is a recognised practitioner of NIPT testing, and is listed on the IMFF website (www.IMFF.ie).


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